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long time no see

Gosh I have not been here in forever. Did anybody miss me?

Lots has happened... got divorced, moved. Had a little breakdown. Spent some time in the hospital. My little sister was murdered. Lots of things to deal with since I've been here last.

I've missed my LJ friends.

I have been here, and here, in case you were wondering.


Sep. 27th, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
This is going to seem so random, but this is my first visit to your LJ site, Shady. When I first became a fan of your work, I wasn't even really aware of LJ and hadn't joined myself. Like sunlitx (darlin', your avatar reminds me of just how many other places I've run into you!), it feels awkward to say that I've "missed" someone who I've only admired from a distance.

After bunches of life stuff, I found myself searching out all my fave urban exploration-type sites, and Lost Destinations is a site I've long admired: both for the beauty of your photography, and the lovely writing.

So today, I'm revisiting your work, and notice the link to your 360 blog. For the last hour, I've been sitting here reading your last blog posts, horrified that someone I had admired from afar had been experiencing so much trauma, and I'd never even made the effort to compliment your work!

Everywhere I looked, there were no signs of life from you. Then I found the LJ link, which has become my homebase in the past year or so, and I'm astonished at the rush of relief I felt seeing that you had indeed posted something recently - that frankly, you are still in and on the earth!

Please don't think I'm some weirdo - I have a very normal LJ of my own - but after reading about some of your experiences, I won't be offended at all if you turn down my just-sent friend request.

It's moments like these when I realize how the web brings people into our lives in ways we never experienced before there was such a thing as "virtual friendship." I'm glad you've had so many virtual and IRL friends there for you through the difficulties of the past few years, and today's little journey has prompted me to make more of an effort to keep in closer touch with some of my own virtual friends.

Even if we never connect beyond my appreciation of Lost Destinations, please know that there is a woman in southern Oklahoma (lived all over TX, how weird is that?) who is incredibly relieved to see that you have soldiered through and still have many destinations to explore.


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