February 22nd, 2006

Coyote Fuzzy?? Ha ha ha ha.

Hey there ladies & germs... it's your old pal Bruce the Bunny here... *waves lil' knitted paw*

Shady has been working her little butt off all week, and the poor gal has passed out right here at her desk. So I decided to sneak on here and post an entry for her- she intended to, but she's obviously too TIRED to do it, heh.....

The news she was going to post about is this- she will be off on another roadtrip at the end of this week! I can't tell you all the details- something about exploring for a Weird Arizona book?- but she says that she is gonna take me with her. My first road trip! Woot.

(clickety to enlarge)

...now what I wanna know is- am I gonna get to go watch Shady and her drunken galpals dance on a bar like they did in San Antonio... (see her getting all debaucherous there on the right?)??? I better, dammit... that's all I'm sayin'. Or I am gonna be one pissed-off bunny.

Anyway, just wanted steal Shady's thunder and break the exciting news. Humans, pffft. I will let Shady give you the details in her next post (maybe she'll finally reveal that damned secret she's been hinting all over the place about???)....

*hops off*

...and now, a totally random icon:

Ooh looky it's the totally random, ever-changing icon o' fun!!

beans: so spilled!! (so come chat with me LIVE tomorrow night!)

Ok everyone. After all the torment and teasing and vague hints, the time has come to spill the beans. To unmask, lay bare, give away, make known, and otherwise let everyone in on the secret I have been hinting about!!! And this is it:

There is a BRAND-NEW Lost Diner forum (and fantastic new chatroom) now open for your virtual hanging-out pleasure!!! *woot*

Now, many of you know exactly what that means, because you were hardcore regulars in the Diner and the chats. So I don't have to explain to you guys. But to those who never experienced the phenomenon that was the Lost Diner... I will try to shed some light...

The Lost Diner was the official forum and chatroom of our website- Lost Destinations. We hosted a weekly night chat there that was THE place to be for on Thursdays for a dose of fun, craziness, weirdness, and absolute hilarity, and now- those chats are about to resume. Starting tomorrow night! (8:00 p.m. EST, and if you need to figure out when that is in your time zone- just check this handy page (it even has a countdown til the next chat- easy-peasy!)

The theme of tomorrow's chat will be: Virtual Bon Voyage PARTAY!!! As most of you now know, Lobo & I will be hitting the road for an wild 'n weird exploration roadtrip that will take us across Arizona and into California. Come to the chat and help send us off in party-hearty style! (who knows, there may even be a webcam involved... *nudge, nudge*)

As for the Diner's forums... check 'em out. We have a huge variety of fun and fascinating topics, polls, threads... the BEST emoticon collection (over 150- including custom user emoticons!) for posting use... even an Advice Column 'manned' by a stuffed bunny!! Need I say more? (If I do, I say this: please please please join us!!!)

The Diner was always a really superfun way to share stuff that eventually evolved into an awesome little community (and has spawned countless lifelong friendships). It has been down for awhile, sadly, due to technical issues... but we worked long & hard (huhhuh I said long and hard) to rebuild it even better than before. So I REALLY hope to see all of our old regulars there. And I hope to see many of you- YES YOU, my LJ friends!- there as well. So many of you are so great and amazingly funny and cool- too many of you who have never gotten to partake in the Diner luv... *pouts*

Registration of your personal ID is of course, free (as is everything in the Diner) and takes just a few seconds (just remember to validate your ID via the email verification to get started) And then please come on in for a virtual cuppa Joe and some conversation. Leave a post(s) and/or browse through the current ones. Have fun messing with the plethora of insane emoticons. Whatever floats your boat!

And stop by for the live chat later. Seriously. Thursday evening. 8:00 p.m (CST). Hope to see you there...

...and now, a totally random icon:

Ooh looky it's the totally random, ever-changing icon o' fun!!