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The Land Of Lost Thoughts

if it ain't lost don't go looking for it

Shady, Shady, tattooed lady
13 January 1973
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the many faces of, um... me

Shady= twisted, tattooed, perpetually lost, afool-acting, photo-taking, 4-wheeling, ghost-hunting, zombie-obsessed, Internet-addicted, road-tripping, Photoshopping, head-banging, Buffy-lovin', glitter-wearing, strawberry daquiri-drinking, insomnia-stricken, urban-exploring, graveyard-wandering, incense-burning, daydreaming, sock monkey-owning, pun-slinging, super-long-hair-having, raven-haired little ray of sunshine

"If all the world's a stage, I want to operate the trap door..."

What else? I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 fish. I am a professional photographer- slash- author and am obsessed with exploring/photographing abandoned, haunted, spooky & otherwise weird places for my website- LostDestinations.com (come visit!) And you can also visit me at my personal (HAUNTED!!) homepage- Shade's Virtual Lair, or my photography 'resume' site- HeatherShade.com- anytime. I also enjoy drawing twisted and sick little original horror emoticons (check them out too!)

I (usually) post in LJ quite a bit... often about things creepy, spooky, or generally horror-genre-related in addition to my semi-amusing and silly personal life stuff. I am obsessed with icons. I also post pictures quite often- if you wanna see all of my entries w/pics, check out my Memories (it's that little button up there at the top of the User Info, with the heart on it) You can also find all of my interactive-fun entries in my Memories, too. Le weee!

I like making new LJ friends, especially THOSE WHO COMMENT. Feel free to add me if you wanna... and I will add you back IF you comment semi-regularly in my journal. I only add commenting-LJ-friends because I get toooo confused otherwise, but you are welcome to friend me and just read my journal regularly (sans-commenting) if you want, just don't take it personally if I don't add you back... *wink* I'm a pretty nice person really (and yeah, I know, that's very unfashionable of me) :P

We're not lost, we're locationally challenged!

Come share my explorations of places lost, forgotten, abandoned, haunted, strange, spooky, urban-legendary, and mysterious:
Get LOST, bay-beee!

Brian Deneke was murdered just for being a punk; his killer was sentenced to probation w/no jail time. Please visit his memorial site, and share his story with others:

+Remember Brian+

Follow Magestorm Allgoode's terrifying adventures of a handicapped man as he attempts to survive the horrors unleashed from the living dead:
Shattered Death: A View Of The Zombie World

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